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  • Do you know what Lata Mangeshkar’s original name was?
  • Were you aware of why Lata left school after the very first day?
  • Did you know which was Lata’s first song and last song?
  • Did you know why Lata stopped working with Rafi and S D Burman for a few years?
  • Is it true that Lata loved to gamble in casinos wearing jeans?
  • Why did Lata say she would never want to be reborn as Lata again?
  • Which was the only Hindi film in which Lata was seen on-screen?

The Life and Music of Lata Mangeshkar: A fan’s tribute to the Melody Queen reveals the answers to all these questions and presents interesting facts about Lata Mangeshkar. This book is a tribute to the melody queen and presents her life journey. Find out how a 13-year-old was forced to sing to support her family and ended up becoming a legend.

This book is the tribute of a fan to the greatest musical legend born in India. Read this book and join Lata didi in her musical journey of life. If you are a lover of Hindi film music, this book is a must. If you want to know about the life story of the nightingale, then read this book.

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