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Fall of the Patriarch, Book 2 of Kurukshetra Chronicles

The Kurukshetra War was fought for 18 days, of which the first ten days was when the Kauravas were led by Bheeshma. A mighty warrior, Bheeshma the son of Ganga and Shantanu was the last of the Kurus. A legend who towered over everyone, he had the misfortune of being on the side of adharma.

His silence and inaction emboldened Duryodhana and the war happened. During the war, Bheeshma was formidable and destroyed the Pandava army systematically. As long as he headed the Kaurava forces, there was no hope for victory for the Pandavas.

Fall of the Patriarch’ is the second book of the Kurukshetra Chronicles series. While the first book covered the first five days of the war, the second book continues from day six. It goes on until the tenth day of the war when the mighty patriarch Bheeshma fell.

How did the Pandavas manage to bring down the terrible Bheeshma? How did Arjuna overcome his weakness and kill his beloved grandfather? What was the role played by Krishna in ensuring this happened? What were the other key events that took place during the last five days of Bheeshma’s generalship?

Read the answers to all these questions in ‘Fall of the Patriarch’. This unique series is the first ever series written on the Mahabharata war. It also has the unique distinction of having a first person narrative of the war from the point of view of different characters.

Know what Bheeshma was thinking as he fought the last battle of his life. Join Ghatotkacha as he uses his amazing powers to terrorise the Kaurava army. Join the young warriors Abhimanyu and Iravan as they take on older and mightier warriors. Watch Bheema and Arjuna devastate the Kaurava army. Find out what was going on in Duryodhana’s mind as he fought the war.

This is a unique book and series that not only gives you a deeper insight about the war, but also about the Mahabharata itself.

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