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Ramayana in the Mahabharata?

Yes! The story of Rama is a part of the Mahabharata of Vyasa. Apart from the Adi Kavya written by Valmiki, there are many other versions of the Ramayana. One of them is to be found in the Mahabharata. In this version, the sage Markandeya narrates the story of Rama to the Pandavas.

In this book, we present to you the story of Rama as told by Markandeya.

Why was Rama born? Who was Ravana and why did he have an enmity with Rama? Why was Rama sent to exile? How did Rama defeat Ravana? Why was Rama hesitant to accept Sita after killing Ravana? You will find the answers to all these questions in the Markandeya Ramayana.

The book narrates Rama’s story from his birth onwards. For those of you who have read the Ramayana, the book sums up the story. Understanding the differences between this story and Valmiki’s story would be an interesting exercise. At the end of the book, you will find details of these differences.

If you haven’t read the story of Rama, then this book presented as a novella will help you know the entire story of Rama. It is an ideal book for beginners who want to know the story in brief. The book is best suited for young people who wish to know the story of Rama and are looking for a book that presents the story succinctly.

Read this book to understand the legend of Rama and know his immortal story that will be remembered as long as the Earth exists.

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