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  • Why was the Kurukshetra war fought?
  • Could the war and the bloodshed have been prevented?
  • Why did Bheeshma and Drona fight on the side of adharma?
  • Why did Krishna break his vow not to take up weapons during the war?
  • What happened on the first 5 days of the war?
  • What strategies did the two sides use?
  • Who won on each day of the war?
  • Who was the first great warrior to die in the war?

The answers to all these questions can be found in Blood & Iron, the first book of the Kurukshetra Chronicles series. The Kurukshetra War was the greatest ever fought. The 18 days of the war were terrible, with lakhs and lakhs of soliers dying in the brutal battles. In this series, the author of other bestsellers like Abhimanyu and Mahabharata Tales takes you through each day of the war in great detail.

Every single event of the war is brought before your eyes, with action-packed sequences happening as you turn the pages. The series uses the unique approach of presenting each chapter from the viewpoint of different characters. You will know Krishna’s perspective of the war in one chapter and Duryodhana’s outlook in another. This approach will help you get into the minds of the legendary characters who were part of this war.

Blood & Iron is the first book of this series that offers a blow-by-blow account of the first 5 days of the war. Delve into the minds of the warriors and know what they were thinking as they fought in the fearsome war. Enjoy reading the story of the war, revel in joy as your favourite characters win battles, and mourn with them as they weep over the fallen warriors. Blood & Iron is a book that will keep you engrossed and make you want to read more of this series.

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