DEEPAK M R is a writer and trainer with more than 25 years of experience in academics, training, and consulting. Having worked in a university and as a quality consultant, he has been writing on technical topics and authored many academic books and papers.

Unsung Valour (Bloomsbury, 2020) features a story by him. The bestseller Abhimanyu – the warrior prince (Bloomsbury, 2021) is his first independent novel. He then wrote the short story collection Mahabharata Tales that was first released on Kindle and then published in paperback by Subbu Publications (2022).

He is the author of the Kindle book The Life & Music of Lata Mangeshkar. Deepak is one of the contributing authors of the anthology Aryaa. He has written two other novels on our Puranas that are under publication. Along with fellow authors, he has run a show on the Mahabharata online.

His series on Mahabharata for Beginners and Ramayana for Beginners is published online by Sutradhar. He also contributes articles and book reviews on various fora.

Deepak M R stays in Bangalore with his parents, wife, and daughter. At present, he is working on a fantasy fiction series. You can contact him by sending him a mail at deepak@deepakmr.com.