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Reviews of Blood & Iron (Book 1 of Kurukshetra Chronicles Series)

The thing I loved most about the book is the interplay of emotions in the characters that the author brings out easily and seamlessly by choosing to switch POVs for each ‘chapter’. This allows him to cover a gamut of emotions and views with flamboyance without affecting the actual flow of the narrative.

Bharati V

Rarely do we find any book which devotes itself exclusively to war parvas of Mahabharata, other than the Mahabharata itself….. Overall, I endorse the recommendation of ‘buy, read and gift’ for this series.

MCR Sesha

Once you start is, there is no going back, I just couldn’t put it down!  A true page turner and a boom start to the series! I just can’t wait to read more from this one! I will highly recommend it, no matter what age group you are in, it’s easy to go along and easy to read! 

Rutuja Ramteke

The author brilliantly talked about various battles from different warrior’s perspective. It allowed him to dive into their minds and analyse their emotions or thought process in that point in time… A recommended read.

Thinker View

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Reviews of Abhimanyu – the warrior prince

An amazing book that you must not skip if you love reading mythology. With an engaging writing style the author captures the reader’s attention.

Vidhya Thakkar, Book reviewer. (Featured in top 10 reads of 2021).

“The character sketches in the book are well developed, and I loved the fact that Deepak does not let the focus move away from our central character.” 

Review by leading bookstagrammar Siddanth Aggarwal.

“A liquid writing, vivid narrative and gripping narration made sure to leave a mark on you.”

Bookstagrammar’s review

“Deepak M R’s writing is simple and lucid. The small chapters and fast pacing narratives never feel you bored and reminds me of Kevin Missal’s books.”

The Readera Blog

“Totally worth reading for all age groups! Must read for an engaging experience.”

Amazon reviewer

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Reviews of Life & Music of Lata Mangeshkar

“I have no idea how the author even managed to get this much research and writing done in the relatively short span between Lata’s demise and the book release.”

Author Bharati, Amazon Review

“What I loved most about this book is it’s to the point. The short and crisp narration of her journey, and details of the songs she did.”

Vidhya Thakkar’s blog

“The author has rejuvenated the life of LATA MANGESHKAR through this notable book. Well explored significant biography in the literary field I would say.”

Goodreads Reviewer

“Overall, it’s a wonderful book that can be read in one sitting. The book is a must read and the author has done justice to the Legendary Singer.”

Once upon a read blog

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Reviews of Mahabharata Tales

“I appreciate author Deepak M.R. ji for the way he sticks to the original essence even while retelling in creative ways. This is what is skill.”

Santosh Kumar Ayasomayajulu, Author and Reviewer

“Overall this collection of 12 stories was engaging, the concept was brilliant, and the narration with a newer perspective kept me hooked till the end.”

Video review by bookstagrammar Anand Kumar

“Overall, it’s a great book that contains interesting and rare stories from the Mahabharata written beautifully. It is worth reading and is recommended to all people of all ages, especially mythology lovers.”

Once upon a read book blog

Great selection by Author focusing on myriad aspects of Mahabharata explained lucidly in fluent and easy to follow language.

Amazon US review by author Pranshu Saxena

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Reviews of Aryaa

” Aryaa is a fine effort by a talented group of ten authors, each of whom brings their own imagination, understanding, and artistic talents to the accounts of ten women from ancient India.”

Daily Guardian review

“Satyavati’s tale is another standout, offering a powerful portrayal of a strong and often misunderstood character. Its clever use of flashback lends an added layer of depth to the narrative, making it a tale that deserves to be celebrated and shared widely.”

Book Geeks review

“The narration of events is excellent, grippingly written, and truly holds the reader’s attention … It does a satisfactory job of exploring the perspective from a female character’s perspective in the first person.”

Pragyata book review

”  I found some of the stories really fascinating – stories of Shakuntala, Satyavati, and Ulupi stood out for me as exceptional stories.”

US Amazon review

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Reviews of Unsung Valour

Deepak M R’s glorious tribute to the Herculean feats of Bhagadatta aided and abetted by his majestic and mammoth pachyderm Supratika, send a chill down the reader’s spine. Easily one of the best chapters in the book, “Unsung Valour”

Venkataraman Ganesan

Very “well written. I am partial towards Bhagadatta. So I liked that the most. But that’s my bias.

Dr.Bibek Debroy

Literally I have become an admirer of Bhagadatta, all thanks to the author who penned down the story of Bhagadatta and his famed mighty elephant ‘Supratika’! One should read directly that chapter to enjoy the goosebumps!

Santosh Kumar

We again switch back to the Kaurava side to meet the grizzled elephant warrior, Bhagadatta. This is another story that manages to evoke the veera rasa in the reader.

Ratul Chakraborty

Glorious and exemplary deeds of audacity Bhagadatta the son of Narakasura, the demon slayed by Krishna, by Mr. Deepak M.R make for some riveting reading. The description of duels of the formidable Bhagadatta wreaking havoc whilst sitting atop his ferocious and gigantic pachyderm Supratika take the reader to unchartered terrains in so far the breadth of imagination is concerned.


Completed reading Unsung Valour and learnt about the lesser known warriors of Mahabharata like Iravan and Bhagadatta. Brilliant use of imagery by the authors invoking a lot of interest in the readers. More such great stories from our history need to be told to the people

Anirudh Goel

This book is not a collection of stories by amateur writers but of master storytellers. Great work has been put into each story and it is clearly visible. Various battles were beautifully narrated. Several characters both familiar and unfamiliar, titular and non titular, were beautifully penned down.

S V Krishna

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